Why is M17 better? -- Maybe it can have RSSI / Power Control information

I’m really tired of people connecting to repeaters asking for a signal check? How well are you making the repeater? Kerchunk the repeater or hotspot should and it should be able to tell you during the squelch tail how well you are being received and your radio should be able to set the minimum needed power out to make the trip at full quieting.

Can those “empty” bits in the voice stream in the squelch tail be filled with RSSI measurements and power control information?

I don’t think that measuring RSSI once per transmission is a good idea. We are going to use ping for that (ask repeater for response).

WA4OSH: For what it’s worth, that bothers me too - but you can see it in DMR all the time
“How do I sound?”
“You sound great, like you’re right next to me!”

I think this stems from a patent distrust of all computer systems - we can’t even get printers to be reliable, so the amount of trust humans (but especially hams) have that a massively complex linked digital network will work as expected is fairly low. I write software, and I’m not so sure they’re wrong. :smiley:

I think the voice-based radio check is going to stick around for a while. It’s basically the best integration test you can have.

What you can do, is reply to them in a humorous way:
“This is WA4ABC, am I getting into the repeater okay?”
“WA4ABC this is WA4OSH: Nope, I can’t hear a thing! Have you tried tuning your confabulators?”
Sometimes they won’t get the joke, just be gentle with them if that’s the case. :smiley: