USRP2M17 added to MMDVM_CM

I added USRP2M17 to my fork of MMDVM_CM. This allows M17 reflectors to be connected to AllStar nodes, and can also be used with the MMDVM FM mode. I haven’t tested the MMDVM FM mode yet, but if it works the way I expect, I will probably ditch my xxx2PCM utils and use the USRP2xxx utils for stand alone digital radio using MMDVM and an analog radio. USRP2xxx for all other digital modes will follow soon, along with DSTAR2xxx which will make the MMDVM_CM utility collection a fully open source, client and server side cross-moding/transcoding/bridging/connecting solution.


I have tested using USRP2M17 to connect to the reflectors using Analog_Reflector and the HTML client. It’s running on the demo at I had a nice QSO with Peter G7RPG this morning.

Steve N4IRS