TR-9 Frequencies?

I have been poking around the FAQ’s, etc, but can’t seem to uncover what frequencies the TR-9 is targeting? The AD7021 looks like it could hit US ham bands at 144, 220, 440, and 900 MHz. It looks like it just misses the 4m band that some of Europe has. What is the project going for as a first target?

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We want to try the 70cm band first. That would be 430-440MHz.

70cm is a good choice, IMHO.

In the USA the band runs from 420-450. The NARCC web site has a nice picture of the Northern California 70cm band plan – which is a little different from the ARRL band plan, 70cm is a very busy band out here. The frequencies we would want to cover include: 420-426, 433.0-434.80, 440-450. So anyway in the USA full coverage from 420-450 is desirable. Almost all repeaters would be in the 440-450 range.

I have successfully tuned the ADF chip from 430 to 460 megs. Gonna check 420…430 range too.