test M17 in MMDVM

I have made the first tests in a logical way, I don’t have radios yet, but if I have put to work the M17 branch of the MMDVMHost and I have loaded Firmware for my DMO, STM32F446RE with the M17 branch, it connects perfectly to the M17 reflector, but when it receives the traffic, which drives the mvoice, in the MMDVHost log, it exposes this:

M17, network packet received with an invalid CRC and blocks the modem.

Tests carried out on the M17-SPA 1 Reflector


Thanks for the report.

I hadn’t got as far as that in my testing! It appears that the data to/from the reflectors has 0x0000 as a checksum, so the checksum always fails. I fail to see the need for a checksum in the network protocol anyway. I have followed the format used by the reflectors and set my outgoinh checksum to 0x000 and not check the incoming CRC. That particular error can no longer appear.

Please do a new pull of the M17 MMDVMHost branch and give it another test please.

Jonathan G4KLX