Si4463 RX problem

I’ve configured one Si4463 to transmit v3 packets and it works well, the first packet is 85ms and all other 80ms long. But when I try to detect them (with another Si4463), it only detects the first one (probably because it contains a preamble). Does anyone have any experience with Si446x chips or can buy like 2 and test them? Modules are like $3.5/each.

PS Yes, I have disabled the preamble detection (I think).

I’ve got modules on order.

Im pretty sure v3 won’t work; I didn’t realize the 4463 would only send packets, not a stream. I hope to have some time this weekend to work on my next proposal to try.

According to the datasheet, it may work without using the internal packet handler (so we send a preamble and then push anything we want in the FIFO). There is a problem still, because this workaround only works for the TX part.

How about using an ADF7021? $5 on I could get an MMDVM board and test it.

Let’s combine this discussion with the one in the other thread, so we aren’t splitting the information.