new mrefd release 0.3.5

This is not a critical update. 0.3.5 will allow multiple clients with the same IP and callsign to link as long as their connection ports are different.

Both mvoice and DudeStar use ephemeral ports making this possible. There is a very small chance (~1 in 10^4) that a subsequent client might try to connect on the same port as an existing client. If this happens, it will be refused. The solution is simply to restart the client so that it will choose another ephemeral port. This feature is configurable, so after you do a “git pull”, be sure to rewrite your configuration file using “./rconfig”.

This release also keeps its list of peers in alphabetical order, so the dashboard peers table will also be alphabetized.

All works fine for now. 3 clients from the same IP looks good for me.
“That’s what tiggers like best” :slight_smile:
Thank You.

Good morning,

We have set up M17-CAD reflector with DMR transcoding on Module D to OntXlink system. The traffic from M172DMR seems to flow from DMR to M17 no problem and I can hear the traffic on DUDE-star no issue, however when I key up DUDE-Star on M17 module D I get following in M17 log file [font=Arial Black]Jan 16 07:16:36 debian mrefd[20255]: Rejected 54 byte packet to CAD D, from VA3CZK D [/font][font=Arial]and no traffic is being passed at all to the reflector nor DMR.[/font]

[font=Arial]Any thoughts what I missed ?[/font]

[font=Arial]73" jerry [/font]