New mrefd release 0.3.4

Mrefd 0.3.4 is available. This is an important release and everyone should upgrade.

This release more efficiently handles the whitelist, blacklist and interlink files. Any invalid entries in these files will be flagged with an error message and be ignored. If you want an open reflector, remove all entries in the whitelist file, including the “" entry. An empty file means “all are welcome”. If you are having trouble with a user on your reflector, add their callsign to the blacklist with a trailing "”. If they are currently logged in, their transmissions will be blocked. You will see this in the log. Once they log out, they will no longer be able to log in. All configuration files are case insensitive.

The C++ container used to internalize the mrefd.* configuration files have been changed to more efficient containers. the black and white list now use std::unordered_set and the interlink now uses std::unordered_map. These new containers are much more efficient and will save cpu cycles on your server, particularly so for the interlink data.

An important bug was corrected having to do with how streams are terminated.

Please upgrade your system at your earliest convenience.