New mrefd release 0.11.1

Mrefd version 0.11.1 is now available in the master branch.

New for this release, mrefd now uses a distributed hash table (DHT) to publish information about itself. Information includes its configuration, currently linked peers and clients and up the last 40 users of the reflector. Mrefd will use the DHT to get connection information about other reflectors so that you don’t have to specify an IP address in the mrefd.interlink file. Some clients, like mvoice, use the DHT to connect to DHT-enabled reflectors. DHT needs UDP port 17171 opened on you system. The file includes instructions for building and installing the OpenDHT library mrefd uses.

Also new in this release, the rconfig and radmin script have been eliminated. There are two required configuration files, and configure.cfg. The .mk file specifies compile time options while the .cfg file specifies run time options. Self-explanatory examples of these two files are included to help you get started, see the file for more information.

I forgot to tell you that your old refdash dashboard is not compatible with 0.11.1. The new, go-based dashboard is at GitHub - kc1awv/gomrefdash: mrefd Dashboard in Go. Its file will show you how to install the go support needed for the new dashboard.