m17dump - dump your packets to the screen!

If you want to test the output of your TR-9 like SP5WWP and I do, you can use our m17dump program.

You can find it here:

M17 Git - m17dump

If you find a bug, let us know!

2020-10-03 00:37:52 %tarxvf Alright, any M17 packets sent to (m17tester.tarxvf.tech, 17000) will interrupt the Dragnet episode at https://m17tester.tarxvf.tech/live.mp3

2020-10-03 02:02:15 %tarxvf M17 packets sent to (m17tester.tarxvf.tech,17010) will now be bridged to W2FBI-L on echolink

These ports are subject to change once I get a packet mirror, M17 mirror, and reflector with a parrot going, hopefully later this week.