M17 Reflectors Beta

The M17 Reflectors Beta is now open to the public!


Please register your reflectors there. Requests placed in the forums will no longer be processed.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

Steve KC1AWV

Welcome to the New Year,
I wanted to ask. How many times do I have to register for this site.?
every month there will be a new version of the site and new registration.
What’s the problem with database relocation?
what about registration and listing on the website?


You’ll have to re-register for as many times as is necessary until the reflector registration system is in production. That’s why the first system was an Alpha, this current iteration is a Beta.

As far as reusing a database, sometimes there’s a breaking change that requires a refactor of the database and how it’s laid out. More specifically, the most recent reasons for a breaking change that required a new database were how passwords are stored, email verification, reflector ownership, and group management.

The M17 Project website was never designed nor was it intended to be a reflector registry. It was a quick solution to provide a public listing of reflectors until a better system was developed. The old system of posting in the forum and having one person make the listing (me) was tedious and resulted in long delays for new listings or changes to existing listings. Instead, the new way is a moderated self-service system - multiple administrators can now review and publish new reflectors and updates to existing ones. The process is now no longer dependent on one person making code changes to a website every time there’s a change that needs to be made. It separates the code base of the M17 Project website and the Reflectors directory, so that one is not dependent on the other.

It is my intention to release a reflector registry that is modern, effective, and easy to use. The design and development of such a system is being done by one person (me) who has a day job and is working on this as a side project. Until the system is released in production, there could be many breaking changes during development. This could result in a whole new registration system and require you to put in a new registration.

Steve KC1AWV

Dear Steve,
Thank you for your comprehensive answer.

With best regards
Krzysztof SP7LAK