M17 Reflector


I’m really interested in this project. Are there has been any plans for an Internet reflector yet? I saw the hostpot project and talk about tests sending/receiving UDP frames on Github. Maybe it’s too early for this, but I’d like to add M17/Codec2 support to my DUDE-Star/DroidStar software (details on QRZ) that allows network based RX/TX, similar to BlueDV and friends. It would be a good way to get a thorough understanding of Codec2 and the M17 protocol, before I get my hands dirty and start building some hardware.

-Doug AD8DP

Sorry for a late reply. No plans for reflectors yet. We are still working on hardware (handheld) and the protocol spec.

I figured, just thought I’d ask. I’ll be watching closely, this is a cool project.

N7TAE has been building a reflector with a D-STAR-like linking model. I think it’s at https://github.com/n7tae/mrefd
and he’s got some other good stuff:

Update: there’s an active reflector, and he’s got a linking client at https://github.com/n7tae/mvoice
It’s super cool :smiley:
(The IP has since changed, I know there’s work on building a reflector directory to be a definitive source so stay tuned)

There’s a reflector list available here: https://m17project.org/reflector/


The portuguese HamRadioPT group (https://www.hamradio.pt) have a M17 reflector up and running with dashboard at https://m17.hamradio.pt

Reflector IP:

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Jorge Mota

I’ve worked out the protocol if anyone is interested.

The data packets appear to match the specification already published, the link control frames are new, and are straightforward.

Jonathan G4KLX

Can you please guide me step by step to install the M17 reflector?
Thank you very much.
EA5GVK - Joaquin.


Blasmakers Group and Dvlink Team, have M17 Spanish reflector, have a M17 reflector up and running with dashboard at http://hblinkspain.duckdns.org/mrefd/

Reflector IP:

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Is it possible for you to put this site behind an SSL certificate? Otherwise the listing on the M17 website will not show up properly for M17-SPA reflector.

Steve KC1AWV

Ok, perfect I install the SSL certificate without problems.
Thx Steve KC1AWV



I thanx.

Steve KC1AWV good morning, we have seen that you have published in the list of reflector M17-SPA, but that reflector is not ours.
What happened?
When we asked a few days ago it wasn’t listed and it was free?

I apologize, there was another person that came into the IRC chat and requested to list the M17-SPA reflector that also had SSL certificate issues. I was under the impression that the site they were requesting to add was the same as yours.

I will list both reflectors, however you may want to get in touch with the other system operator and coordinate your efforts.

Thank you very much. For your approval. We will grow. Best regards KC1AWV

Hi, how can I add my M17 reflector to your reflector list? My address is:https://kp4ca-m17.ddns.net/


Puerto Rico

Hi Carlos, please post your request in the Reflector Registration thread here: https://forum.m17project.org/showthread.php?tid=41

It is Done! Thanks Steve. 73

this is M17-TKO from JAPAN(ToKyO).
please interlink to me module-A(international)