M17 hotspot with M17_ANL and Raspberry Pi

An M17_ANL can be used with Raspberry Pi to make a hotspot. Why RPi? Because it’s widely available, cheap and popular. Also, it has an Ethernet connector and can be programmed using Python, C - virtually anything.

Instead of an RPi, can you just do this with an STM32F7 board? In the past, I’ve successfully used the Ethernet on an STM32F7 Nucleo-144 board with UDP.

IME, MCUs are generally easier to use if you’re trying to get precise/consistent timing behavior, which might be useful if you ever want to support e.g. TDD or TDMA.

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So, if I wanted to build a radio capable of sending and receiving M17, trading off looks-pretty for easy-to-build, what would my options be? ie: Is there a module can I buy off eBay or somewhere, wire it to a Pi, install your software, and start using?

Holy cats, is it this module: https://www.ebay.com/itm/401051275954 ? At $3.25 each?

The ADF7021 modules aren’t quite so inexpensive! https://www.ebay.com/itm/142899495889 $187 each! :smiley:

The ADF chip itself costs less than 5 bucks. It requires just a few passives. Add a pcb from jlcpcb to that and you have an inexpensive alternative.

I think DB9MAT or his friend Florian Wolters can help us here. They know this chip well.

Yeah, they are cheap. I have used some similar module (RFM26W) in the early prototype.

SA818 is a CVHF or UHF radio module, using today for a SVXlink network… 1/2 watt output and ctcss capable etc

Have a look at :

costs only a few Euros

I’m starting building up with such a module
I will post the results
My idea behind, using a cheap FM UHF radio to talk to the hotspot which give further the M17 capabilities via internet
I’m using it already with the svxlink reflector technique

73’s Hans F4VSJ

It’s just running fine on an Orange Pi zero (12 dollars)
Hans F4VSJ