M17 and multiple repeaters

Hi All

One of the criticisms that I have of System Fusion, is that there is nowhere within the RF protocol that allows you to address an individual repeater. On FM we have CTCSS, on D-Star RPT1, Color Code on DMR, RAN on NXDN, and NAC on P25 phase 1. This is an issue in the UK, and many other European countries, where frequency reuse is high and there is the very real possibility of being able to hear two repeaters on one frequency.

Like System Fusion, M17 doesn’t include any form of selective calling, and that worries me. Has anyone thought about this?

Jonathan G4KLX

I hadn’t, at least. I’ve actually always hated color codes on DMR, it’s another thing you have to get right or nothing works.

This makes sense to address and we can avoid the hard-to-use issue through the radio UI and codeplug management.

Good point. It is allready an issue in my area. In my opinion M17 should contain at least 2-3 bits for this purpose.
I like color codes, easy to remember and enter into decive/codeplug.

When making the Superframe contain 6 parts of LICH, 40 bits each we get 8 bits extra. 3 of them are going to be used for 0 to 5 counter (for full LICH assembly), the rest can be used for a Color Code.