It's time to start working on M17 Mobile Radio!

Hi! I’m going to start project of M17 mobile radio (code name MR-17?). I think that we could use the same CPU as in TR-9 and ADF7021. Display could be 320x240pix, maybe this one: . I was wondering how many switches should be on front panel next to LCD and if encoder with push button will be good idea?

For a mobile radio I’d expect you’d use more than just the 10mW from an ADF7021. If that is the case, please be aware of the spectral purity of the 7021, it’s rather poor. In the MMDVM world we do not recommend amplifying ADF7021 hotspots at all. You’d be wiser to look at different baseband chips which will lead to a much better design in the long run.


I’m going to perform some more checks on the ADF7021 and tell you the results later (in a separate thread).