Config File for TR-9

I think we should seperate the codeplug(frequencies, channel-wide settings etc.) file and settings file which contains radio-wide settings. Personally, I hate to set every button function, key tone, display options, ID, callsign fields and much more again and again when I wanted to try to use updated codeplug file. Here is my proposal template.

welcomeMsg: Hello TR9 //16 chars to be displayed at startup
powerOnPswd: 12345//4-8 digit int
lastCh: 3,5 //int zone, int channel
PF1: zoneToggle //Programmanble button 1 function
PF2: highLow //Programmanble button 2 function
Tones: 0 //Alert tones
DispBl: auto //Display Backlight (auto, key, on, off) auto enables during rx, key enables only keypress
keypadLock: off // off or duration in seconds
TalkPermit: on //on, m17, fm, off
TOT: 60
LowBatTone: 180 //Low battery alert tone interval in seconds, 0: No lowbat tone
APO: 6 //Auto power off time in hours

APRS_Path: WIDE2-2
APRS_Interval: 300 //in seconds
APRS_Smart: on //Smart Beacon
APRS_Comment: Hello M17
APRS_QRV: off //embed active frequency in comment
APRS_freq: 432500000 //enter 0 to tx into active frequency

rfPing: on //Remote radio check
rfPingAuth: on //Authenticated radio check
rfSelcalDecode: on //Selective calling/private call decode
rfSelcalDecodeAuth: on //Authenticated private call decode
rfRmtMon: off //Remote Monitor
rfRmtMonAuth: on //only trusted users can monitor
rfRmtMonEmg: on //Remote monitor is allowed if emergency call is initiated
rfRmtMonEmgAuth: on
rfRmtDisableDec: off //Remote disable decode for lost/stolen radio
rfRmtEnableDec: off //Remote enable
rfRmtDisableDec_Auth: on //Authenticated Remote disable decode
rfRmtEnableDec_Auth: on //Only trusted users can disable/enable radio
RmtDisableSdCardEnc: on //Encrypt sd card when remote disable
RmtDisableSdCardDel: off //Delete sd card when remote disable

CVEM: off //Clear voice receive in Encrypted Mode
EVCM: on //Enrypted voice receive in Clear Mode
CVAlert: off //Clear voice transmission alert at ptt in encryption enabled channel.
ClearResponse: off //Answer in clear mode if clear signal is received, ! use with caution !
EncResponse: on //Answer in encrypted mode if encrypted signal is received
MultiKeyEnc: off //Randomly select one of the installed keys.
MultiKeyDec: on //Decrypt using necessary key, if set to off only programmed key is used to decrypt.
EncryptID: off //Encrypt user ID/TG when using encryption.
OTAR: off // Over the air rekeying, unsafe
OTAR_Auth: on // Otar using previous keys or public encryption.
OTIR: off // Rekeying over the internet
OTIR_Auth: off
FpRekey: on //Entering keys using front panel.
FpRekeyPass: 99887766 //8 digit rekey pass

EncryptSDCard: off
DecryptSDPin: 1234 //Pin code to decrypt sd card.
EncryptKeyfile: on //Encrypt encryption keys file, this cannot be undone.