Another new version of MVoice

On the ‘fltk’ branch of the MVoice github is a new version of MVoice that uses the Fast Light Took Kit GUI instead of GTK. I think in nearly every aspect, this is a big improvement over GTK. For one thing, scrolling works properly! Instructions for installing fltk and other building info are in the new README. If you are already using MVoice, be sure to uninstall it first, then you can do a “git pull” followed by a “git checkout fltk”.

If your sound card is having trouble dealing directly with 8000 Hz audio, you can optionally build a version of MVoice that will use 44.1 kHz audio instead. This is acomplished by adding a rational resampler. to the audio processing. The resampler is based in floating point, but is a small FP addition compared to the Codec2 vocoder… If you system supports 8000 Hz audio, you don’t need this resampler.

I plan on merging this fltk branch into main, but I would like to get internationalization up and running first. I’m planning on using GNU’s gettext() for this. I’m currently reading the manual, and I have a lot of questions, so if you have experience using gettext, or if you have a better solution to internationalization, I could use some help.

I found a nice tutorial on gettext with a “Hello world” example which answered nearly all my questions. If you are interested in providing a translation of MVoice, let me know and I’ll send you a file that MVoice can use to support that language.

I have merged the the “main” branch into the “fltk” branch and deleted the fltk branch. If your cloned mvoice repo is on the fltk branch, do a “git checkout main && git pull” to get some fixes pushed up in the last few days.

If you haven’t yet gotten around to trying the FLTK-version and were using the GTK version of mvoice and are now ready to take the plunge, do a “make uninstall” before you do a “git pull” to get the new fltk-version of mvoice.