An M17 gateway to HF

Many country areas are not covered by VHF/UHF repeaters, can HF be made useful?

Our Australian emergency services are required by law to have an independent communication system.
So our country ambulance service vehicles and their bases have been fitted with HF radios and are going to
use the TWELP (c) digital modes.

In the FreeDV project, there are two apps and a stand-alone box to interface to one’s HF radio.

  1. The FreeDV GUI app, PC and MAC.
  2. The FreeBeacon reverse beacon
  3. The SM1000 stand-alone interface box

But with so few amateurs using any of these, there’s rarely anybody to talk too.
What’s more, doing search and rescue, HF in vehicles is easy on 40m and 20m
but if the HF conditions put one’s signal 1000Km away, how does one contact the
in town HQ. This is where a network of HF base stations comes to play. (as in my ambulance example)

I’m not a C or C++ guru programmer, so this is my approach (on Linux):
“connect” modified FreeBeacon (cnode.c) to “mvoice” via the loopback pseudo devices.
Pass PTT too and fro via semaphores.

Any thoughts?

I posted this question a week ago, we have 35 viewers but not one comment.
Please guys, developers are encouraged by such comments as:

Sounds great.

Yes, I’m a systems guy and will deploy it ASAP.